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Request an artwork with Parlor.

Bring your home to life with art you love. Parlor is a rent-to-own platform that strives to empower access, discovery, and ownership by making it easy to collect and live with art—starting at $85/month.

How it works

You fall in love with art, we get it for you


Hit the "Request an Artwork" button and send us a photo of an artwork you're interested in.

We work with the gallery to secure your work, starting at $85/month.

We install your work and all monthly payments go towards your purchase if you decide to buy.

Why Parlor

We're imagining a new way of living with art, supporting artists, and connecting with galleries.

Art is about community and curiosity.

We want to make it fun and easy to discover artists, connect with galleries, and bring art into your space.

What our community is saying

"I had a friend come over before and after Parlor installed Mantle, and she was like, 'Whoa, this completely changed the entire space.'"

— Courtney L.,
Business Development
West Village, New York City